Prepare for future Windows 10 updates with ESET

As Windows evolves, Microsoft is deprecating some functionality essential for ESET products to be functional. It will happen in the first half of 2021 with the upcoming Windows update.

What does this mean?

If you try to update Windows 10 with older ESET products, you will receive an error message requiring you to upgrade your ESET product to a newer version.

What should I do?

Currently we are rolling out the update to all of our clients and if you are centrally managed by Kalamazoo IT this will be done automatically for you and a support technician will be in touch if any restarts of devices are required .

If you control your own EST ERA portal please see this link for details on how to upgrade

Otherwise if unsure please contact the support desk so we can check for you.

Compatible ESET products with future Windows 10 releases

ESET Windows home products 13.2 and later

ESET endpoint products for Windows 7.3 and later

ESET Security Management Center (ESMC) 7.2 and later (including ESET Management Agent 7.2)

Notifications about End of Life policies in ESET products

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