Customer IT support announcement: COVID-19 Coronavirus business continuity.

Our most valuable asset is our people. Therefore, Pandemic Readiness is a component of our business continuity (BC) planning. We acknowledge that pandemic prevention and response efforts are an ongoing process of information sharing with colleagues, officials and governing bodies to help prevent, control, and recover from life-threatening infectious diseases and viruses that impact our people and our clients.

Considering the current degree of global concern regarding COVID-19 and its recent escalation to a ‘global pandemic’ by The World Health Organisation, we have prepared the Q&A below to help address any questions regarding the continued delivery of our UK services.

Kalamazoo IT maintain an Information Security Management Framework across the business which is certified to ISO27001. A component of the ISMS is to maintain the security of information during a BC event.

If you have any further questions, please contact us on [email protected], visit your customer support hub or for urgent enquiries 0121 312 0801.

COVID-19 frequently asked questions.

  • Internal hygiene advice and heightened awareness has been communicated and implemented throughout the business. We expect our clients to support this by providing access to the appropriate facilities.
  • We have deployed social distancing in the workplace and a work-from-home policy for those where it is possible and suitable. This is to help limit the potential spread of infection.
  • We’re following our document and tested internal Response plans.
  • We’re monitoring and acting on the advice of the UK Government and the World Health Organisation.
  • We continue impact assessments across our business to identify risks and prepare for the continuation of services under a worst-case scenario
  • The Kalamazoo IT team are spread across the UK, a regional lock down would still allow site visits across unaffected regions or countries. Field resource management is already managed remotely.
  • Field Engineers are assigned key components and hardware within their ‘car stock’ including software imaging capabilities. Our entire UK Field team have a company vehicle including London (who usually travel by train).
  • All our remote team have IT equipment and mobile phone with 4G data. We have deployed and tested IT equipment and softphones for the office-based team/helpdesk.
  • Our business applications are hosted in the Microsoft cloud and telephony within Gamma including 2FA across the business. Connectwise – CRM and service ticket platform also cloud hosted.
  • All office-based functions to shift to remote working with IT equipment and softphones
  • Of course, please contact your Kalamazoo IT account manager

Kalamazoo IT have logistics and parcel delivery contracts with multiple suppliers for BC. We operate within our central warehouse and 9 Forward Stock Locations (FSL) across the UK.

  • We can operate FSL to FSL overnight
  • We can ship FSL to PickUp DropOff (PUDO) overnight
  • Final mile deliveries from FSL to site
  • Daily FSL replenishments against minimum stock levels
  • Pandemic BC plans reviewed with suppliers
  • Direct shipment capabilities supplier to PUDO for engineer pickup

We will endeavour to continue to provide the current level of service that you would expect to receive from Kalamazoo IT. However, we absolutely recognise this is a fast-changing situation and we could face some challenges ahead.

We will add to and update these frequently asked questions as necessary.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.

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