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Structured Cabling

With users depending on full network
functionality to perform their jobs, fast,
reliable and secure cabling is a must.
However, Wi-Fi problems, mismatched
cables, intermittent faults and other challenges
can quickly derail structured cabling projects.

Why Kalamazoo IT?

Our structured cabling installation and maintenance service reduces downtime and unnecessary costs. Whether you need to install additional data and power cabling, network two or more buildings on the same site, test existing wiring for faults or cable a newly acquired building, we can help. Our services follow current industry standards (Category 5e, 6, 7, etc.) and methods.


  • Expert data and power cabling using category 5E, 6, 7, ETC.

  • Thoroughly planned site-to-site physical connectivity.

  • Efficient fibre termination installation.

  • Full cable testing capabilities to reduce downtime.

  • Engineers experienced in industry best practices.

Clients we’ve helped.

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“We continue to work with trusted partners that contribute to the success of our business. Kalamazoo IT have again demonstrated their credentials with great commitment and dedication, ensuring that this project was a complete success.”

Mark Witcomb, Head of IS Infrastructure, Howdens Joinery
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“We wanted a good, reliable and local company to carry out networking jobs for us. Kalamazoo IT was ideally located – if we had a problem, within an hour or so, Kalamazoo could have someone with the right skills and knowledge to resolve the problem right there and then.”

Shaun Curtis, Facilities Operations Manager, Rockingham Motor Speedway

“Now that we have on-site and remote backup, we are confident that our data can be recovered quickly, while our IT team can focus on core business and strategic projects. Kalamazoo IT really is helping us to keep the lights on 24/7 – they managed the whole process, they understand our business requirements and ensured these were met.”

Mark Staffiere, IT Director, Lyco

Why choose
Kalamazoo IT.

Kalamazoo IT has been at the forefront of the computer industry since the 1960’s and has provided comprehensive hardware maintenance and IT services for over 50 years.

  • 50 Years Experience
    in the IT industry

  • Nationwide Cover
    UK wide

  • Award Winning
    cloud services

  • 24/7 Support
    upon request

  • Minimise Downtime
    and disruption

  • Improve Operational Efficiency
    and reduce the stresses of IT management

  • Add Value
    and provide long-term profitability

  • Effectively Scale
    your IT as you grow

  • Fully Recover your systems
    and data in the event of a disaster

  • On-Boarding & Network Audit
    providing key information to achieve great customer service.

Kalamazoo IT

Your trusted IT partner.