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Managed Antivirus Services

Don’t leave your systems vulnerable to viruses
Kalamazoo IT can deliver managed antivirus service for your business
and comprehensive IT security via multiple layers of protection.

Yes, Secure my Business.

    Why do you need Managed Antivirus Services?

    When it comes to antivirus software, “free” is never truly free. Relying on free antivirus software – or even worse, none at all – could cost more than you bargained for, if a virus infects your systems or corrupts your data. Even worse, free versions don’t always offer the support you need when you encounter issues.

    Let us help keep your systems safe by conducting a review and managing your antivirus. With our fully managed security service, you won’t have to worry about antivirus software configuration, installation, administration, monitoring, report generation or support.

    A virus is a program that can infect other programs by modifying them to include a version of itself.

    Why Kalamazoo IT?

    Endpoint Security.

    Comprehensive IT security for your business via multiple layers of protection, including field-proven detection technology, complete data access protection and fully adjustable scanning and update options. Keep your system running at its best thanks to low system demands, virtualisation support and optional cloud-powered scanning.

    Get in touch today.

    If you’re looking for great IT Support, a FREE network audit or just have a question, then send us a message below and one of our experts will get back to you within 24 hours

    Sales and General Enquiries: 0121 312 0801

    Support: 0121 312 0808

    Email: [email protected]

    Address: Morgan Reach House, 136 Hagley Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B16 9NX

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      Our Testimonials.

      Howdens logo

      “We continue to work with trusted partners that contribute to the success of our business. Kalamazoo IT have again demonstrated their credentials with great commitment and dedication, ensuring that this project was a complete success.”

      Mark Witcomb, Head of IS Infrastructure, Howdens Joinery
      Rockingham Motor Speedway logo

      “We wanted a good, reliable and local company to carry out networking jobs for us. Kalamazoo IT was ideally located – if we had a problem, within an hour or so, Kalamazoo could have someone with the right skills and knowledge to resolve the problem right there and then.”

      Shaun Curtis, Facilities Operations Manager, Rockingham Motor Speedway
      Lyco logo

      “Now that we have on-site and remote backup, we are confident that our data can be recovered quickly, while our IT team can focus on core business and strategic projects. Kalamazoo IT really is helping us to keep the lights on 24/7 – they managed the whole process, they understand our business requirements and ensured these were met.”

      Mark Staffiere, IT Director, Lyco

      Why choose
      Kalamazoo IT?

      Kalamazoo IT has been at the forefront of the computer industry since the 1960’s and has provided comprehensive hardware maintenance and IT services for over 50 years.

      • 50 Years Experience
        in the IT industry

      • Nationwide Cover
        UK wide

      • Award Winning
        cloud services

      • 24/7 Support
        upon request

      • Minimise Downtime
        and disruption

      • Improve Operational Efficiency
        and reduce IT stresses

      • Add Value
        and increase profitability

      • Effectively Scale
        your IT as you grow

      • Fully Recover your systems
        with our disaster recovery plans

      • On-Boarding & Network Audit
        providing key information to achieve great customer service.

      Kalamazoo IT

      Your trusted IT partner.

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