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Office 365 Migration Services

Transform your business with Microsoft Office 365.

By migrating to Office 365 you’ll save hours of laborious admin
and instantly gain more time to concentrate on your business.
We’ll help you transfer from Exchange more quickly, securely and seamlessly – on time and on budget with minimal risk.

Let us switch on your Office 365

    Seamless Office 365 Migration.

    Let your business benefit with a transfer to Office 365

    Everything your business needs in one place – the Cloud. And the benefits don’t stop there, migrating from Exchange to Office 365 saves you money, time and helps your business grow regardless of its size. Here’s 10 ways how:

    • Scalability
      Enjoy the flexibility of Office 365. Mix and match apps to create unique functionality for each user or specific department. Scale your business to grow with you and give your teams access to all the tools they need at every stage of their employment – without needing to adapt to new systems.
    • Flexibility To Work Anywhere
      Entirely Cloud-based, Office 365 gives you the freedom to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Perfect for businesses with remote offices or travelling employees that need to stay connected. Access your emails, files and Office programs from any location on any device and create, edit and share assets with anyone, anywhere in real time – to save time.
    • Collaborate With Ease
      Gone are the days of multiple copies of spreadsheets and presentations. Migrate your email to Office 365 and work in progress can be updated collaboratively in real-time: one document, multiple editors with version tracking. Comments by committee don’t come much easier, plus – with multi-party HD video, team chat and shared calendars – your whole team can be constantly connected and in sync.
    • Keep Up To Date
      Forget software upgrades and patches – with hyper-efficient Cloud services you’ll always have access to the latest functionality at no extra charge. With all your team using the same version, new features and compatibilities will be available to all users as soon as they’re launched. Document incompatibility will never be an issue again.
    • Reduce Your Capital Spend
      Choose a monthly or annual Office 365 subscription, per user, to suit your budget. Turn your IT costs from capital expenses to operational and stop the services you’re not using to save costs – at any time.
    • Eliminates hardware and reduces energy costs
      Make substantial cost savings with remote Cloud storage. You’ll no longer need onsite servers to back up your websites, email and files which reduces energy costs as well as valuable office space.
    • Install up to 5 devices per user
      Constant connectivity isn’t a commodity – it’s essential. We all communicate across multiple devices daily: laptops in the office, smart phones during our commutes, we simply choose the most convenient to keep in touch. That’s why Office 365 allows you to auto-sync your docs and access them from up to five of your devices.
    • Mix and Match Plans
      Every employee has unique technical needs for their specific role. With Office 365 you can mix and match your business plans and choose the features and programmes that best suit your teams. You only pay for what you use and can simply switch plans to give users access to more/less systems as their careers progress.
    • Advanced Security Features
      Many businesses are apprehensive about migrating to the Cloud because of a misconception that it isn’t secure. Just like existing on-premise hardware, its security success depends on the preventative measures a business puts in place. Office 365 is designed with built-in security features to ensure your data is safe at all times, including:

      • Message Encryption: Regardless of the email service the recipient may use, encryption allows you to send your message without anyone other than the recipient reading it
      • Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA): ATA immediately alerts you of suspicious activity in real-time, using built-in intelligence and sophisticated analytics. All emails are scanned for malicious content and attachments – if anything suspicious is detected you will be notified and the attachment/link will be blocked from your inbox.
      • Mobile Device Management: Protect the private company information your employees can access using their mobile devices with this security feature of Office 365. Not only can you create and manage mobile device security policies but you also have the ability to wipe a device and access detailed data reports.
      • Data Loss Prevention: Prevent sensitive information leaving your business via email. This functionality scans all outbound emails for sensitive data (passport and credit card numbers, bank details and social security numbers). When detected and deemed non-compliant (in accordance with your Data Loss Prevention policies) you can choose the next steps, either warning the sender that sensitive data has been found, CCing management or quarantining the message.
    • Advanced Email Capabilities
      As an Office 365 user you’ll have instant access to the latest updates and features released to Outlook. Designed to simplify your admin, these features offer a range of impressive email options, including:

      • Boomerang: Quite simply the reminder that keeps coming back. Use your inbox as a to-do-list? Then Boomerang is your new office buddy. You can snooze your email and move messages to a storage folder until a later date. It also allows you to schedule outbound messages using your Outlook calendar.
      • Focused Inbox & Clutter: This feature automatically files your most recent emails into a priority folder and the rest into another. It also de-clutters your inbox, based on your preferences, to save you storage space and time.
      • Time Zone Management: If you regularly face the challenge of meetings spanning several time zones, you can create events with different start times to suit each individual region. These will also show the correct time zone, per region, in your Outlook calendar.

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    Simplify a shift to the cloud with a Microsoft Office 365 migration.

    Benefit from MS Office 365 services delivered by a specialist team of experienced IT engineers.
    Outsourced but never out of mind, we’re here to help increase your productivity and ensure you benefit from the latest cloud technologies.

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      The best things come in 3s

      Kalamazoo IT’s Microsoft Office 365 migration offers you three well-defined profiles to help businesses like yours manage your Cloud migration effectively:

      • A Cutover Migration. For businesses with less than 300 employees, this is often the most affordable, simplest and fastest email to Office 365 migration. End users continue with their day-to-day while this pre-stages existing data and switches mail routing to Office 365 to synchronize new emails coming in.
      • A Simple Co-Existence Migration. Recommended for organisations with 300 – 30,000 employees, this profile pre-stages existing data to Office 365 then moves new emails in manageable waves to synchronize a mail co-existence.
      • A Hybrid Co-Existence Migration. Best suited for businesses with unique requirements that can migrate over a long-term period. This profile focuses its attention to client timelines, budgets and hardware/software needs. On-premise and cloud email solutions work in tandem to synchronise email, calendars and contacts, while you keep your existing email systems running simultaneously for as long as needed.

      Our Microsoft 365 services include:

      • Exchange Hybrid environment configuration
      • Office 365 configuration
      • Email mailbox migration
      • Email Archive Migration
      • Advanced Threat Management
      • Directory synchronisation
      • Active Directory Federation
      • OneDrive, Teams & SharePoint best use

      Need Office 365 Migration? – We’ve got you covered..

      Office 365 – Nationwide. Our team of email migration experts are ready to respond to help you make the transition from Exchange. From Glasgow to London we’ve got your business covered and are committed to keeping you connected.

      Kalamazoo UK Map White
      • Birmingham
        With our HQ based in Edgbaston, Birmingham – we cover clients across the East & West Midlands.
      • Bristol
        North or south of Avonmouth our Bristol Hub is perfectly placed for services across the South West including Exeter, Plymouth and Swindon.
      • Berkshire (Slough)
        Our Berkshire based expert services covering West London including Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and the home counties.
      • Sussex (Crawley)
        From Hove to Hampshire our Sussex team has you covered. Servicing South London, East/West Sussex, home counties and Kent.
      • London (Docklands)
        Keeping you connected across the Capital our Docklands migration team covers East and North London and several home counties.
      • Glasgow (Scotland)
        Our Glasgow team stretches services across Scotland including Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Kilmarnock.
      • Liverpool/Manchester
        Ideally placed in Warrington our IT team provides rapid services across the North West including Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester.
      • Leeds (Yorkshire)
        Servicing Yorkshire and the North East our Leeds hub covers Sheffield to Scarborough and Harrogate to Hull.
      • Newcastle
        Strategically placed to service the North East our Newcastle Hub covers Gateshead, Northumberland, Sunderland and Middlesbrough.

       7 Steps For Office 365 Migration:

      The greatest decisions start with one small step – in this case that means calling us. We’ll create and configure your new Office 365 environment to guarantee you peace of mind in the Cloud. We’ll customise and manage the migration of your data and mailboxes from your existing system. You can rely on Kalamazoo IT to provide you with a Cloud migration service that’s seamless, trouble-free and tailored to your needs. You also have the added benefit of extensive expertise from experienced IT consultants who understand your business, your specific needs and your Office 365 requirements.

      Step 1 Let’s talk. Our experienced Cloud consultants will chat through the best migration options and subscriptions with you. We’ll then give you a clear price, without any obligation to move with us.
      Step 2 Set a date. Every business is unique. That’s why we take the time to identify any complex environments and carry out an on-site assessment to identify any potential issues so that there are no unexpected surprises during your migration. Afterall, we’re here to make this as seamless a transition as possible.
      Step 3 We’ll remotely create and configure your customised Office 365 environment. We’ll take care of any custom domains and advanced features such as message encryption, disclaimers and multi-factor authentication.
      Step 4 We’ll propose a migration path which creates user accounts or an active directory synchronisation. If you’re happy with our proposal we’ll then agree timescales for the migration process.
      Step 5 You may choose to use our proposed process and migrate your mailboxes independently at this stage. If this is the case, our IT consultants will work directly with your administrator to help you migrate the first sprint of mailboxes.
      Step 6 After a successful migration we’ll retire your old system and instruct a technical cleanse of old messaging.
      Step 7 Almost there. Your final step involves a knowledge transfer – our expert consultants training your system admin with all the guidance they need to manage your Office 365 in house. We’ll of course, provide all technical documentation of the migration for your records.

      Don’t just take our word for it..

      We’re uplifted by your uptime and dedicated to providing excellent service you can rely on. We’re not driven by awards and praise, our success comes from your satisfaction alone. And we couldn’t ask for more…

      Howdens logo

      “We continue to work with trusted partners that contribute to the success of our business. Kalamazoo IT have again demonstrated their credentials with great commitment and dedication, ensuring that this project was a complete success.”

      Mark Witcomb, Head of IS Infrastructure, Howdens Joinery
      Rockingham Motor Speedway logo

      “We wanted a good, reliable and local company to carry out networking jobs for us. Kalamazoo IT was ideally located – if we had a problem, within an hour or so, Kalamazoo could have someone with the right skills and knowledge to resolve the problem right there and then.”

      Shaun Curtis, Facilities Operations Manager, Rockingham Motor Speedway
      Lyco logo

      “Now that we have on-site and remote backup, we are confident that our data can be recovered quickly, while our IT team can focus on core business and strategic projects. Kalamazoo IT really is helping us to keep the lights on 24/7 – they managed the whole process, they understand our business requirements and ensured these were met.”

      Mark Staffiere, IT Director, Lyco

      Why choose Kalamazoo IT?

      Kalamazoo is a Microsoft Partner. More importantly, Kalamazoo’s Office 365 consultants are all Microsoft certified with in-depth experience in Office 365, Exchange Server and Directory Services, across both small and medium-sized businesses.

      We’re pioneers with proof of success. 50 years in fact. We were there at the beginning of the computer boom in the 1960s. And we’re still here now – at the forefront of technology providing IT support to businesses like yours – nationwide.

      • 50 Years Experience
        in IT Support

      • Total UK Cover
        Nationwide IT Support

      • Award Winning
        Cloud services

      • 24/7 Support
        Peace of mind whilst you sleep

      Breaking News –

      Office 365 Updates.

      We founded our company on communication and know the importance of staying connected. As trailblazers of MS Office 365 migration services, we’re here to bring you the latest insights, technology news and industry innovations first. We also like sharing what’s new with us here at Kalamazoo IT, so grab a cuppa and browse our blog for the stories that will shape our future.

      Kalamazoo IT

      Your trusted Microsoft 365 partner.

      Larry Page had Sergey Brin. Ben had Jerry. Torvill had Dean. You’ve got Kalamazoo IT – your dynamic partner for Office 365 migration services.

      Think of us as your extended IT team. A trusted voice at the end of the phone that takes away system-related stress and replaces it with strategic support for your business success.

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