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Benefit From Cloud Backup Services

Backup as a Service – data backup solutions

Recover data quickly and without disruption

Reduce Risk With Online Backup Services.

    Great online backup services.

    Secure Online Backup Services

    Every day someone, just like you, loses valuable data. Accidentally. Often through no fault of their own. So how valuable is your data? Assigning a value to it instantly changes its importance and the level of protection we need to apply to our data security.

    From colleagues and clients to customers and everyone in between, a data breach can cripple your business operationally, financially and reputationally. Backup as a service keeps you protected through:

    • Cloud Backup Solutions
      Your IT teams have never been busier and your infrastructure has never been more complex. We’re human and human error combined with hardware failure poses a significant risk. Add to this, growing cyber threats and the need to manage different data sources and it’s clear how essential automated cloud backup solutions are to your business. You need fast data recovery with minimal digital downtime and peace of mind with one partner – us.
    • Robust Online Backup Services
      It takes time to utilise thorough online backup services. Valuable time that often your technical teams are too busy to spare. It’s a job that needs ownership and outsourced experts are perfect for the role. We’ll keep all your important files secured while you concentrate on the day-to-day, saving you time, resource and unnecessary stress.
    • 24/7 Backup Monitoring
      When a data breach occurs, you can’t afford to wait in a queue for support. And with Kalamazoo IT you don’t have to. Our experienced engineers monitor your backups, resolve issues and are on call 24/7 ready to support you when you need it most. In fact, they’ve been recovering data every day since 2002 and know the difference a proactive partner can make to your business, so you can rest assured your data’s in the safest hands.

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    Don’t leave your data security to fate.

    Benefit from online backup services delivered by a specialist team of experienced IT engineers.
    Outsourced but never out of mind, we’re here to help you get back up and running when you need us most.

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    Address: Morgan Reach House, 136 Hagley Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B16 9NX

    Mitigate risks with Managed Online Backup.

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      How we do it

      Benefits of our managed backup services

      We’re committed to keeping you connected. Gone are the days of digital disruption – we assign a dedicated account manager to every business we support. With a central UK call centre available 24-7, secure cloud backup services to ensure you get the best online backup service (and at the best price) alongside workplace recovery services available across the UK’s largest cities, isn’t it time your business benefited from a bespoke managed IT provider?

      Features of our managed online backup services

      Secure remote storage for your backup data, worldwide. Kalamazoo IT Backup provides world-class storage for your backup data with around-the-clock security in our vendors data centres located on four continents. For the Backup services, our data centres’ certifications meet requirements for HIPAA compliance and similar legal and regulatory standards. The Backup services are scalable and can grow with your business.

      With the ability to back up thousands of files per second, Kalamazoo IT Online Backup includes a unique technology that is as fast as it is simple. True Delta tracks byte-level changes between backups, so you only back up (or restore) what has changed – not the entire file. This keeps backup windows short and improves performance.

      Encryption is built into our backup process. Backup data is encrypted at the source, stays encrypted while in transit, and while at rest.

      Protect physical, virtual, and cloud servers, including all major operating systems and hypervisors, with a single product. One clean web-based dashboard displays backup status at a glance, and frees us to check systems, and even do restores, from any location – with any device.

      Whether you need to recover an entire server or VM, an application, or just a single file,

      Kalamazoo IT Backup handles it fast.

      »» The optional Local SpeedVault™ cache makes recovery even faster

      »» Bare-metal recovery simplifies and reduces recovery time for Windows® servers

      »» Physical-to-virtual and virtual-to-virtual recovery automates a full system restore to

      VMware vSphere® or Microsoft® Hyper-V®

      »» Cloud recovery targets provide even more flexibility by allowing recovery to Microsoft®

      Azure®, or to a hosted VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V based environment.

      Managed online backup options

      Kalamazoo Backup is designed to protect your servers, virtual servers, and critical applications from a single cloud-based console.

      Our service can help you deliver against tight RTOs without the complexity or expense of appliance-based solutions. Pricing is simple and based on devices.

      This includes:

      • VMware
      • Hyper-V
      • Exchange
      • MS-SQL
      • SharePoint
      • Virtualization support
      • Bare metal support
      • Virtual disaster recovery
      • Rapid recovery

      Workstation data loss can mean days of downtime and additional costs to re-create information or re-install utilities.

      Workstation backup is built to protect entire workstations to help you reduce downtime. The central dashboard provides site-wide deployment, statuses, and alerts to keep you informed. Our device-based pricing is designed to simplify budgeting while offering affordable protection.

      This includes

      • Rapid recovery
      • LocalSpeedVault
      • Appliance-free backup

      Kalamazoo Backup Documents – Protection for Windows PC
      Kalamazoo Backup Documents is built to protect locally stored business documents and reduce the cost and complexity of backing up an entire PC.
      Backup is designed for affordability, easy deployment, and automated backups. Key document recovery at almost any time.

      This includes

      • Automated deployment
      • Document discovery
      • Two automatic backups per day
      • 28-day retention period
      • End-user self-service restores
      • Unlimited documents
      • Unlimited document size

      Kalamazoo Online Backup for Office 365 offers:

      Protection against data loss – Users can often unwittingly (or purposely) delete important emails, or OneDrive or SharePoint files. If this happens, Online Backup offers the ability to quickly search for and recover what you need.

      Cyber threat protection – Here we’re talking about Ransomware and Malware protection. Sure, it’s true that Microsoft already has malware protection in place, but sadly it doesn’t guarantee a user won’t corrupt their data if it gets infected by a ransomware or malware attack You could call on the built-in data protection measures in O365 at this stage, but this could indeed be very painful as well as time-consuming, and essentially there is no guarantee of recovery using the basic tools.

      Access to email for ex-employees – If employees leave and you don’t want to continue paying a subscription fee simply to store their email and shared documents, Online Backup for Office 365 offers an additional way to retain and access this data.

      Support for compliance – If you are responsible for an organisation that falls under regulations with data-retention requirements, Online Backup is designed to help you retain and archive critical data.

      Automation – SolarWinds Backup helps you strike the right balance between automation and control. You can manually select which accounts and mailboxes you want to protect, or automatically add newly created Office 365 accounts to the backup schedule.

      Point-in-time restore – Exchange mailboxes are automatically backed up every four hours, and OneDrive and SharePoint accounts every six hours, giving you multiple restore points every day. Choose the one you want, and recover fast.

      Kalamazoo Online Backup is designed to optimise cloud-based backup and recovery and reduce maintenance windows.

      This includes

      • True Delta deduplication
      • Compression
      • Block-level changes
      • Lower resource usage
      • Lower bandwidth needed
      • Large file support
      • Backup Accelerator
      • LocalSpeedVault

      Kalamazoo Online Backup can help you restore from bare-metal images in minutes.

      This includes
      • Protection from a bare-metal image
      • Machine recovery
      • Windows compatibility
      • Physical-to-virtual recovery

      This includes

      • Virtual disaster recovery
      • The ability to test recovery images at any time to Hyper-V or Vmware
      • Fast, efficient protection
      • Exchange database restores
      • Exchange server recovery
      • Continuous recovery
      • Native Vmware integration
      • Hot VM backups

      Kalamazoo Online Backup is designed to provide safer, more secure storage.

      This includes

      • Global, certified data centres
      • Regional data storage
      • Data encrypted at rest and in transit
      • AES 256-bit encryption
      • End-to-end encryption

      Kalamazoo Online Backup is designed to help you keep multiple file versions and store data securely for the long-term.

      This includes

      • Storage of multiple versions
      • Secure storage
      • Centralised monitoring
      • Cross-platform support
      • Comprehensive platform support
      • Unlimited archiving
      • Granular data selection
      • Support for compliance

      Don’t just take our word for it..

      We’re uplifted by your uptime and dedicated to providing excellent service you can rely on. We’re not driven by awards and praise, our success comes from your satisfaction alone. And we couldn’t ask for more…

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      “We continue to work with trusted partners that contribute to the success of our business. Kalamazoo IT have again demonstrated their credentials with great commitment and dedication, ensuring that this project was a complete success.”

      Mark Witcomb, Head of IS Infrastructure, Howdens Joinery
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      “We wanted a good, reliable and local company to carry out networking jobs for us. Kalamazoo IT was ideally located – if we had a problem, within an hour or so, Kalamazoo could have someone with the right skills and knowledge to resolve the problem right there and then.”

      Shaun Curtis, Facilities Operations Manager, Rockingham Motor Speedway
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      “Now that we have on-site and remote backup, we are confident that our data can be recovered quickly, while our IT team can focus on core business and strategic projects. Kalamazoo IT really is helping us to keep the lights on 24/7 – they managed the whole process, they understand our business requirements and ensured these were met.”

      Mark Staffiere, IT Director, Lyco

      We founded our company on communication and know the importance of staying connected. As trailblazers of hardware maintenance we’re here to bring you the latest insights, technology news and industry innovations first. We also like sharing what’s new with us here at Kalamazoo IT, so grab a cuppa and browse our blog for the stories that will shape our future.

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      Larry Page had Sergey Brin. Ben had Jerry. Torvill had Dean. You’ve got Kalamazoo IT – your dynamic partner for online backup services.

      Think of us as your extended IT team. A trusted voice at the end of the phone that takes away system-related stress and replaces it with strategic support for your business success.

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