Here, Paul Barber, Technical Services Manager at Kalamazoo IT tells us how you can educate your staff on cybersecurity.

Cyber Security - Are your employees doing their part?

If you were a hacker, would you target your small business or a large enterprise with ten times the revenue? The answer may seem obvious – clearly the larger organisation is the more attractive target, is it not? The Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) reveals otherwise.

In 2016, two-thirds of breached organisations had fewer than 1,000 employees. Many times, hackers target small businesses as an inroad to a larger organisation’s network or to gain access to a start-up’s cutting-edge technology.

Unfortunately, as the DBIR points out, small businesses may not have dedicated security staff and processes to mitigate cyber threats. While it is true that comprehensive cybersecurity does require access to technical expertise, there is more to it.

Effective cybersecurity is built on a foundation of best practices carried out throughout the organisation – everyone must do their part. This is the message the Business Continuity Awareness Institute (BCI) is promoting for its 2017 Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW), which is 15th-19th May.

In honour of BCAW, below are three ways you can prepare for a security breach and encourage your employees to do their part.

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