We are pleased to announce that Kalamazoo IT Limited completed their 1-day Re-certification Assessment on 06 December 2021. We are pleased to announce that the auditor concluded that the audit objectives have been achieved and that Kalamazoo IT does fulfil the standards, the management system continues to achieve its intended outcomes.

Kalamazoo IT are ISO 9001 certified in quality management

What does this mean?
Benefits of ISO 9001 accreditation to you

Whether a future client or current customer, you can be assured that Kalamazoo IT is an organisation that follows an international standard of quality for how it operates. Your confidence can be maintained by knowing that we will be regularly assessed and validated as compliant to the ISO 9001 standard.  Finally, you can trust that you are partnering with an organisation who strives to continuously improve their service quality and holds their clients as a number one priority.

Credit goes to the staff for their commitment and hard work in achieving this, in what has been a demanding period – well done.

Nigel Dunn
Managing Director
Kalamazoo IT