Tax Policy for Kalamazoo IT Ltd
Year Ending 31 December 2017

Kalamazoo IT Ltd and our worldwide affiliates pride ourselves on being responsible corporate citizens in every territory in which we operate. Specific to our tax obligations, this means adhering to the laws and regulations of each jurisdiction to ensure the appropriate amount of tax is paid at the appropriate time.

We structure our business affairs with the goal to maximize sustainable growth for the company and add shareholder value. Although the tax laws of our resident jurisdictions are one of many factors taken into consideration to meet this goal, we will not undertake any arrangements that are artificial or any structuring to avoid taxation. Our activities have commercial and economic substance and at all times will complement our reputation of responsible corporate citizenship.

In complying with UK tax law, we make our tax payments and file all necessary tax returns on or before the due dates. We will claim tax relief and incentives when available and will disclose any relevant facts to HMRC or other tax authorities when required to do so.

We engage with HMRC and other tax authorities with respect and honesty seeking to maintain a low-risk relationship at all times. Should the need arise, we will proactively seek advance or real-time advice from tax authorities in order to minimize tax risk. We will always seek to resolve any tax disputes through cooperative, transparent discussion and negotiation, however we are prepared to appeal and litigate where we disagree with a decision by any tax authority.

We actively seek to identify and manage tax risks to ensure they remain in line with our corporate goals. From time to time these risks may arise due to the interpretation of tax law and especially the diametrically opposed nature of cross-border transactions. In these cases, external advice may be sought where there is significant uncertainty of any particular risk. The responsibility for managing these risks is that of the UK Financial Controller in conjunction with the global tax team.

This policy is aligned with the company’s Ethics Code and is approved, owned, and overseen by the Board of Directors.

We regard this publication as complying with the duty under Schedule 19, Part 2, Paragraph 16(2) of the Finance Act 2016.