Following on from my very first presentation to the Kalamazoo IT team on the 14th September 2018, I committed to putting in place a reward scheme to recognise those individuals that went the extra mile in pursuit of making Kalamazoo IT great.

An internal meeting was held with the senior management team to put forward nominations for us to consider and discuss – collectively they gave me 8 nominations which was very pleasing.

While I said that that there would be 1 winner per quarter I have decided this quarter to have 2 winners each of which will receive £75 Amazon vouchers.

The two winners are…

Debbie Johnson and Chris Cunningham.

Kalamazoo IT excellence certificates

Debbie has been at the heart of the transition and worked tirelessly to ensure that we have the best credit terms possible with our suppliers and novation of contracts, while at the same time carrying on with her day to day responsibilities.

Chris has been recognised for all his hard work with a specific client, Basic Thinking. His dedication in providing a solution for the client demonstrates his commitment to great customer service (this is aligned with our values and goals, striving for Great service).

I hope you join me in congratulating both Chris and Debbie.

Many thanks to you all and keep up the good work.

Rod (and the senior mgt team)