What Cyber Attacks Are You Not Seeing? eBook.

Read the eBook to learn how Cisco Umbrella delivers visibility into all internet requests across your network, across every port, app or protocol, to uncover and block connections to malicious domains and IPs.

Every time there’s a major news story, a world event or even regular national news, hackers jump at the chance to take advantage of the uptick in chatter to launch attacks against unsuspecting victims. As it turns out, the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t any different!

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    Cyber security is shifting.

    People can work anywhere and everywhere— that’s great for productivity and efficiency, but it stretches network security to the point of failure, creating holes and vulnerabilities when workers move away from the traditional office.

    With 79% of organisations embracing direct internet access (DIA) and SaaS adoption increasing to 60% in the next two years, organisations are realising that the old approach works for the way we used to work, not for today’s new network.

    Cyber security professionals and IT Managers require an easier, more reliable way to improve visibility and IT security for distributed environments and users, both on and off-network.

    Learn more by downloading the What Cyber Attacks Are You Not Seeing? eBook.

    Don’t get caught out, be prepared.

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