We’re still here for you.

Business must continue! Don’t get me wrong, we’re not ignoring the issue and challenges we are all facing. We’re adapting and navigating our way through it, just like you. Now more than ever – business stability is key.

We’re still here and delivering all of our services to the best of our ability:

Helpdesk / IT Support
We’re still delivering helpdesk and IT support services, with the entire team working remotely. Other than people’s locations, it is business as usual (which some may find unusual). We are still experiencing a higher than normal call volume, therefore you may experience an increase in hold times. We really do appreciate your patience.

Please get in touch with your account manager if you are experiencing issues with any of your remote working technology, we’re here to help.

Office-based workers
Our dedicated office-based team are still there at HQ, running our warehouse, logistics and repair workshop whilst following all the UK GOV guidelines. Internal hygiene advice and heightened awareness has been communicated and implemented throughout the business, in addition to the practice of social distancing.

Field Service / Hardware Maintenance
We have continued to deliver our on-site field service to businesses supporting the key worker sector. Our stalwart engineers are providing critical IT system services to support the delivery of healthcare services across the NHS and data centre infrastructure nationally. In all honesty, we have found it very difficult to source PPE, we’re not alone here. Hygiene advice and heightened awareness has been communicated (regularly) and implemented throughout the business. We expect our clients to support this by providing access to the appropriate facilities, and if possible, supply the required/suitable PPE whilst we attend your site. We will endeavour to complete our purchasing mission.

It is the responsibility of you, the customer, to determine what is essential work with regards to on-site visits, all to be in line with the Public Health England guidelines.

Furloughed staff
Following our constant review of the situation, we have received communications from some customers that they have been forced to close temporarily. We have had no option but to place a number of colleagues on the job retention scheme (known as “furlough”). This was a difficult decision, but one that was made to ensure that we are able to protect the future of our business.

Our colleagues are doing a remarkable job. A fantastic group of dedicated people, all pulling together to help share the load. They really are doing their best to serve our customers well in these challenging times.

Thank you for your patience and support as we navigate this together.

“You are not working from home.
You are at home, during a global crisis, trying to work”

Kind regards – stay safe

Senior Management Team
Kalamazoo IT

We have prepared this Q&A to help address any questions regarding the continued delivery of our UK services, read more:

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