Discover Gamma Horizon.
A cloud-based hosted phone system for your business.

Hosted PBX

Horizon is a feature-rich, cloud-based phone service that provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal.

What is a hosted phone system?

Streamline your admin and guarantee business continuity with hosted telephony. Simply speaking there is no comparison – hosted telephony pricing is less than on-premise alternatives. Call costs are reduced and business productivity is increased – because responsibility for your calls is taken away from your IT team. With no capital outlay, no Private Branch Exchange (PBX) maintenance costs and low call costs, you can choose a hosted phone system to suit your business needs. Ideal to support your remote-working team members by guaranteeing connectivity and excellent sound quality.

What makes Gamma Horizon different?

  • Intuitive web interface providing feature control and user information
  • Premium handsets plus desktop and mobile clients
  • The Gamma network – reliable and secure
  • World-leading Broadsoft call controller platform

Save time and resource with Horizon.

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