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Let us be an extension
of your IT department.

When the workload doesn’t justify full-time,
on-staff professionals across the country,
outsourcing is the solution. With years of
experience, Kalamazoo IT can deliver
outsourced IT services nationwide.

Why do you need this?

Are you faced with a short time frame to instal a server at a remote location? Do you have a big hardware rollout with a hard deadline coming up? Do you need help troubleshooting a server issue outside of hours?

When you need a pair of extra hands or assistance troubleshooting a specific issue, our third-line and field service engineering staff are there to help. They are trained in a variety of relevant disciplines, allowing us to provide a range of preplanned bespoke IT projects. We ensure that all of our engineers are DBS checked and have the latest product knowledge and IT accreditations.

Our Locations.

Our head office is located in Birmingham — where our IT and administrative operations are housed. Our account managers and IT engineers are stationed in here too.

To ensure that we can provide nationwide support and achieve the service level agreements (SLAs) we promise, we also have 9 spare part hubs and directly employed field engineers located throughout the UK, from Glasgow to Crawley.

See where our 9 spare part  hubs are located.

Why choose
Kalamazoo IT.

Kalamazoo IT has been at the forefront of the computer industry since the 1960’s and has provided comprehensive hardware maintenance and IT services for over 50 years.

  • 50 Years Experience
    in the IT industry

  • Nationwide Cover
    UK wide

  • Award Winning
    cloud services

  • 24/7 Support
    upon request

  • Minimise Downtime
    and disruption

  • Improve Operational Efficiency
    and reduce the stresses of IT management

  • Add Value
    and provide long-term profitability

  • Effectively Scale
    your IT as you grow

  • Fully Recover your systems
    and data in the event of a disaster

  • On-Boarding & Network Audit
    providing key information to achieve great customer service.

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